May 22, 2024

Possible backup opponent for Roman Reigns in WrestleMania 39

Roman Reigns arguably is the face that draw huge audience to WWE. Roman Reigns is at his best right now, literally nobody in WWE roaster was able to pin him from last 2 year.

Roman Reigns vs Rock is one of the most anticipated match in recent years. If reports are to be true Roman Reigns could possibly face Rock in WWE grandest stage of them all. Rock also teased about this WrestleMania match in “Young Rock”.

Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that if Rock and Roman Reigns doesn’t happen. WWE could possibly book Roman vs Cody for Undisputed WWE Universal Title.

WWE released a statement after Cody’s surgery that Cody would be out of action for 9 months. Cody could make a surprise return in Rumble. Cody’s return would be a big thing for fans. Fan would have no issue with Roman vs Cody in WrestleMania, thanks to his spectacular match with Seth Rollins in HIAC.

“He’s likely to be out for about six months, which probably makes the Royal Rumble a wise time frame for a return,” Meltzer wrote in his report. “If Dwayne Johnson doesn’t take on Roman Reigns, the return of Rhodes vs. Reigns would probably be the biggest of next year’s Mania.”

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