June 10, 2024

Ronda Rousey talks about her transformation from MMA to Pro-Wrestling

Ronda Rousey was in the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show podcast, she talked about WrestleMania moment, transition from MMA to Pro-Wrestling and more.

When she was asked about which was easier for transition was it Judo to MMA or MMA to Pro-Wrestling.

“Oh, like easy wise, I mean I gotta say that pro-wrestling is a lot less pressure guys okay. I gotta tell you and (Kurt: predetermined winner), yeah exactly, it really helps a lot and I think like pro-wrestlers don’t understand, how much that it helps because, a lot of time, you know I”II hear people be so offended that like, ‘how dare you call this fake, I there’s no fake way to you know take a go through a table or you know this injury is real’, I’m like you guys, It’s not like the physical toll that like makes something real okay.”

“For example , I had a match where I, you know busted my hand open broke my thumb and like my knuckle exploded and all this stuff. It was a 16 second match and my hand was destroyed and I walked out giving everybody high fives. It wasn’t like, I never thought to myself like oh, if you, if you told me before a match. You are going to win this match but you’re gonna have to take your arm off and I’d be like okay. Alright fair trade, fair play and it’s just you don’t care like the injuries don’t enter in your mind. Is the anxiety and the uncertainty of the results. (Kurt: Whether you’re gonna win or lose), yes and how much it means to you.”

When she was asked about her segment with Rock in WrestleMania

“It was just, kind of like randomly thrown together, last minute kind of a thing. It wasn’t like we were still figuring out the day out, what’s going to happen and it was just, I think one of those things where I was like doing so well at the time that they just wanted me part of the show, in any capacity cause at that time, I almost kind of felt like a jerk coming to the shows, I would come and I would get such a big crowd reaction and I would feel like, I was pulling away from the match itself and I think that they saw that when we went to, I think it’s SummerSlam and just saw the big crowd reaction that we got then, there is kind of like, ‘well how do we harness this to our advantage’ kind of a thing.”

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