May 22, 2024

5 Best Money In The Bank cash-in

Money In The Bank pay-per view was introduced in 2005. Ever since the inception, it gained immense fan following. Whoever gets the MITB brief case most times tends to win the championship. There are many memorable cash-in’s in WWE.

Let see 5 Best Money In The Bank cash-in

Edges cashes-in on Undertaker

First ever MITB brief case owner, took 250+ days to cash-in his brief case. Undertaker was in a brutal steel cage match with Batista. He won the match but his face was bleeding. Adding insult to injury Mark Henry came to the ring and destroyed already dismantled Undertaker. Edge came out and cashes in his MITB and wins the championship.

Randy Orton cashes on against Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and John fought each other for WWE Title match. They both attacked each other very brutally, fans were completely in this match. Bryan wins a hard fought match. There was full of happiness in the arena. Fans were happy to see Bryan winning the match. Randy Orton music hits walks in, stands outside the ring. Rises his brief case and was returning back, suddenly Triple H hits a pedigree to Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton cashes in and wins the title.

Dean Ambrose cashes-in on Seth Rollins

It was a memorable day for Shield as they exchanged the heavyweight title between them. At the start of the night Roman was the champion, Dean Ambrose was in MITB ladder match and wins the brief case. Seth Rollins defeats Roman Reigns to win the title. Seth was having a MITB moment, Dean as a lunatic he is, didn’t let Seth to have his moment. Dean Ambrose attacks him with the brief case and cashes it one the same day and wins the title.

Dolph Ziggler cashes-in on Alberto Del Rio

Dolph Ziggler is one of the most underrated wrestler in WWE. Alberto Del Rio was injured, he was barely able to stand after the match with Jack Swagger. Dolph Ziggler cashes in his MITB brief case, Alberto did give a fight for Dolph’s money and ultimately Dolph Ziggler wins the match and becomes new World Heavy Weight Championship.

Seth Rollins cashes-in on Roman and Brock

Seth Freakin Rollins, he created a WrestleMania moment in front of 75k+ audience. Reign and Lesnar were beating hell out of each other. They both were tired as hell. Suddenly Seth Rollins comes out and cashes in his brief case and converts it into a triple threat match. Seth stomps Brock Lesnar and that was not enough and tries another stomp but Lesnar catches him and was about to F’5 but Roman hits a low powered spear and Seth escapes and Stomps Roman and wins the title.

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