July 21, 2024

John Cena made a surprise appearance at Money In The Bank 2023

John Cena is one of the most beloved wrestler of all time, when John Cena music hits fans went completely crazy. John Cena says he was happy to hear cheer from fans, he says last time there were Cena suck chants.

John Cena says he doesn’t know why it took 20 years for WWE to hold a PLE again. John Cena teased a possible WrestleMania in London. John Cena says to how it will feel it WrestleMania is held in London.

Grayson Waller music hits and made his way into the ring, Grayson Waller says it would be better if WrestleMania was held at Australia than in England. Grayson says he can get John Cena some tickets for WrestleMania if it is held at Australia. Grayson attacks John Cena but Cena fights back and hits AA to Grayson

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