May 22, 2024

(Report) Netflix scrapped Vince McMahon documentary

Ever since Wall Street Journal published article on Vince McMahon, everything has turned downhill for him, he voluntarily stepped down as WWE CEO and it’s getting worse as per new article published by WSJ. The article reports that Vince payed $12M as hush money for 4 women’s in the course of 16 years.

Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture notes that as per her source Netflix Documentary on Vince McMahon has been pulled.

Sources tell me that the Vince McMahon Netflix documentary has been pulled & is off the programming spreadsheet at Netflix. A source at Netflix confirmed it no longer being listed on their spreadsheet, another source at Netflix said “that shit’s out of here.”

Salcedo as per her another source Vince Documentary is in deep production and lots of millions already been spent

Another source indicated that the project was already “deep” in post-production & that several talent interviews had been done months ago & that millions were spent. I spoke to one of the producers on the project, however they declined to confirm nor deny this story to me

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