July 20, 2024

Seth Rollins attacks Cody Rhodes | WWE Raw 6/6

When Cody music hit fans were cheering him, fans were very excited to see him. Fans were chanting Cody, Cody when he entered the ring. Fans chanted thank you Cody.

Cody says he saw all those social media comments about his effort in Hell In A Cell and tells he saw people praising him for his effort. He says he usually doesn’t believe in that because he says it is a privilege for him for doing what he does. He says he has a daughter when she is old enough he wants her to watch the match and also he wants her to know in his darkest moment he stood and fought.

He says if he somehow win Money In The Bank and somehow cashes it and wins WWE undisputed universal heavyweight championship. Seth Rollins music hit and made his way to ring. Seth Rollins says Cody has earned his respect, Seth Rollins say Dusty would be very proud of Cody shakes his hand and returns back.

Cody Rhodes was returning back, but from behind Seth Rollins attacks him with hammer. Seth attacks Cody brutally on his injury.

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