May 22, 2024

WWE Could Be Creating a New Title Instead Of Splitting Roman Reigns’s Title – (Report)

Roman Reigns is Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for over 800 days. It would not make sense if Roman Reigns loses one of his title ahead of WrestleMania 39

It was previously reported that WWE was planning to split Roman Reigns’s title ahead of WrestleMania, so that RAW could have a championship in their show. Roman Reigns rumoured opponent for WrestleMania is Rock or Cody Rhodes, it would not look good on Roman Reigns if he loses any match going into WrestleMania 39.

Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE could be creating new title for Raw or SmackDown, the possible contender for the title could be Rhodes, Rollins or McIntyre.

There remains a lot of talk of creating a second title for Raw (or Smackdown if they switch brands with Reigns or if someone beats Reigns) in 2023. But I’ve been told the story going around of that title being created with Rhodes, Rollins or McIntyre on night one of Mania this year is not the plan as of this week.”

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