June 9, 2024

Roman Reigns would be put on Trial in Tribal court on SmackDown 7/7

The Usos puts an end to Roman Reigns’ streak which shocked the pro wrestling world. Still some fans can’t believe Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns.

The Usos earlier today announced that they are putting Roman Reigns in Tribal court on SmackDown 7/7 in Madison Square Garden. The Usos on last week’s SmackDown told that they want Solo Sikoa as the next Tribal Chief. Roman was laughing at The Usos, but when he got a stare from Sikoa he stopped laughing.

This Friday Night at Madison Square Garden, Live on Smackdown, we’re putting The Tribal Chief on trial! After all this time, it’s TRIBAL COURT: THE TRIAL OF THE TRIBAL CHIEF ROMAN REIGNS! #TheRealOnes

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