June 25, 2024

5 Shortest WWE World Championship title reigns in WWE History

Winning a WWE title is one of the most happiest moment for any WWE superstars. Some superstars even after winning the title, wasn’t able to cherish the moment because they lost the title after winning the title in matter of minutes.

Lets see 5 shortest WWE Title reigns in WWE History

Daniel Bryan – SummerSlam 2013 | approx 4min, 12sec

Daniel Bryan was the founder of YES moments, which created a revelation in WWE. Fans were so involved in Daniel Bryan, and he was also at his best. Daniel Bryan faced John Cena for WWE championship in Summerslam . Bryan wins a hard fought match against John Cena and becomes the new WWE Champion. The arena was filled with YES chants, then came our Viper. The arena was shocked, he came near the ring and raised his MITB briefcase and was returning back. Triple H suddenly hits a pedigree to Daniel Bryan, which helped Randy Orton to cash-in his MITB and win the title.

John Cena – Elimination Chamber 2010 | approx 3min, 35sec

John Cena was in a gruelling Elimination Chamber match for WWE Championship. He was brutally hurt in this match. He was barely able to walk, he was brutally hurt in this match. Vince McMahon came out and announced, John should be defending his title against Batista immediately. John was in miserable. H e hardly celebrated his victory as he was barely able to stand. Batista came and destroyed John Cena and becomes new WWE Champion.

Yokozuna – WrestleMania IX | approx 2min, 10sec

Yokozuna fought Bret Hart for WWE Championship. Bret Hart gave tough fight for Yokozuna, but thanks to Fuji’s interference Yokozuna was able to win the match and become new WWE Champion. Hulk Hogan came for the rescue for Bret Hart, Yokozuna challenged Hulk Hogan for a title match. Hulk Hogan accepted the challenge, Fuji mistakenly throws salt on Yokozuna which made Hulk Hogan defeat the Yokozuna.

Seth Rollins – Money In The Bank 2016 | approx 2min, 7sec

This was one of the happiest moment for Shield fan, as all the Shield members had their hand on WWE Championship on that day. Seth Rollins faced Roman Reigns for WWE Championship, Seth Rollins wins the match. Dean Ambrose attacked him from behind and cashes-in his MITB and defeats him and wins the title. Dean Ambrose becomes WWE Championship for the first time. At the end Dean was standing tall.

Andre The Giant – The Main Event | approx 1min, 45sec

One of the most controversial match in WWE history, Andre The Giant fought against Hulk Hogan for WWE Championship, Andre The Giant won the match, Hulk Hogan shoulder was not down. What made everybody surprise was that Hulk Hogan handed over his title to ” The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, which resulted in Andre The Giant WWE Champion reigns as the shortest WWE Championship reign in WWE History.

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