May 23, 2024

Good Old-fashioned Battle Royal | WWE Smackdown Results 7/1

Men MITB participants were standing in the top of the ladder except Omos. All the superstars had some little confrontation and Miz interrupts them and said he deserved to be in MITB ladders match, Ezekiel, Corbin and Madcap, they all said they deserved to be in MITB ladders match. Adam Pierce came out and announced there will be a Good Old-fashioned Battle Royal, which will start immediately.

All the superstars were attacking each other Omos was manhandling everyone with his power, Omos eliminated Madcap and Miz, Drew McIntyre and Omos were in the middle of the ring seeing each other. Drew started hitting some right hands and Omos hits a brutal headbutt to Drew McIntyre. Instead of facing Omos, Seth Rollins eliminated himself. Omos was surprised by Seth Rollins actions.

Riddle came through bottom rope and hits a RKO to Seth Rollins, Riddle with the help of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, Riddle eliminated Omos. Riddle tried to climb the top rope, Sheamus hits a brogue kick which made Riddle fall outside the ring. Drew McIntyre eliminated Sami Zayn, Sheamus tried to eliminate Drew but Corbin from behind eliminates both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin wins the Old-Fashioned Battle Royal.

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