May 23, 2024

AEW star MJF says Roman Reigns is a total stud

Roman Reigns has fans all over the globe, he is one of the modern day greats. Roman Reigns title reign is just phenomenal. He’s holding Universal title for more than 700+ days.

MJF recently gave a interview to MMA hours, when he was asked about Roman Reigns, he said Roman Reigns is a total stud, and he was also fan of Roman Reigns. MJF said he watches Roman Reigns, and noted that if wrestlers are in a different company that doesn’t mean they cannot watch other product.

Roman Reigns is scheduled to face Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel. Roman Reigns with Bloodline, its a formidable team, he destroys anyone who faces him. Roman Reigns streak may continue till next year’s WrestleMania. As there are reports that Roman Reigns could possibly face Cody or Rock at WrestleMania.

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