June 25, 2024

Possible reason why WWE is making Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul

Roman Reigns is scheduled to face Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, which was a surprise for many fans. Logan’s performance in SummerSlam was very impressive but many thinks its too early.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer notes that there is more thing involved in making Roman vs Logan Paul match at Saudi Arabia, Meltzer states that this match primary focus is to get publicity for a event held in Saudi Arabia and they want celebrities in the event, they had Cain and Tyson Fury in past Crown Jewel.

Logan Paul is having a pretty good run in WWE, Roman Reigns Universal Championship reign is 700+ days. Tribal Chief seems to be like he will never get defeated. If Logan Paul somehow wins the match, it would be the greatest upset of this decade in WWE.

There were also reports that WWE is planning to split Universal Championship and WWE Championship, without Roman Reigns losing. Saudi could be a great venue for splitting of the title and it could get the publicity.

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