June 25, 2024

Roman Reigns takes out LA Knight | WWE SmackDown 10/13

Roman Reigns made his return to WWE after 2 months hiatus. John Cena opened the show and then Roman made his way into the ring. Roman tells John Cena to get out of the ring or he would make him.

John Cena says he hasn’t earned the opportunity to face him, John Cena says he knows someone who has earned a opportunity to face him. LA Knight music hits and he made his way into the ring. Roman Reigns told Solo to take care of LA Knight problem.

Solo wrestled LA Knight on the main event of the show. It was a very brutal match but at the end LA Knight emerges victorious. There was interference from Jimmy Uso and John Cena.

Roman Reign spears LA Knight. It is also important to note Roman Reigns doesn’t have opponent for WWE Crown Jewel. It would be interesting to know who WWE books for Roman Reigns.

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