April 22, 2024

Sami Zayn doesn’t know whether he could beat Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes motivates him | WWE RAW 2/13

Sami Zayn makes a surprise appearance in WWE RAW, Sami says he wants to speak to Cody Rhodes. Rhodes music hits and he enters the ring. Cody Rhodes asks Sami what he wanted to talk about.

Sami Zayn says his confrontation with Paul Heyman set the world on fire. Sami Zayn says it could be Cody Rhodes vs Sami Zayn at WrestleMania. Sami asks Cody whether he believes him that he could beat Roman Reigns. Cody says it doesn’t matter what he thinks, Cody says only think that matters is what Zayn believes in.

Cody asks Sami does he think that he could beat Roman Reigns, Sami says he doesn’t know. Sami says he has seen what The Bloodline could do, Sami says Roman is actually as good as he says. Sami says he should believe he could beat Roman Reigns and become Undisputed Champion, and Main Event WrestleMania, Sami says he doesn’t know whether he could walk out Montreal with Undisputed Title.

Cody Rhodes says fans believes in him and everyone in Montreal believes him. Cody Rhodes see crack in The Bloodline, Cody says Sami should finish his story, Cody says he doesn’t want to Sami next week on Raw, he wants to see Sami directly at WrestleMania.

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