April 22, 2024

AJ Styles: “My biggest match back in WWE it’s going to be against Seth Rollins.”

AJ Styles was injured during an house show on last December, he was out of action for couple of months. AJ Styles returns to WWE on April 28 episode of SmackDown. AJ Styles would facing Seth Rollins for WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Night Of Champions.

AJ Styles was recently gave an interview to DailyMail.co.uk. where he talked about facing Seth Rollins, The OC and more

AJ Styles on facing Seth Rollins

‘It is about time I’m back in the heavyweight title picture, unfortunately, I’m up against Seth Rollins who’s probably one of the best. I said a long time ago that he was going to be great, and nothing has changed, he’s still one of the best so we’ll see what happens.’

AJ Styles on potential feud or rivalry that WWE planned for him before getting injured

‘No clue. I had no clue where I was going – I wish I could give you more information on that. I’m one of those guys where it’s not my job to ask you where I’m going next, I’m not really that concerned. 

My job is to do it, you know, get in the ring and perform. I’m not going to beg for certain things, of course we want things to go our way in storylines, but it’s not my job to write the stories – listen I didn’t write the one I’m in! 

I get told you’re going be back in two matches the first time back in the ring in WWE and I say ‘Ok that’s great’, cos that’s where I want to be because who knows where my cardio is at this point. It was tough, but I made it through and now my biggest match back in WWE it’s going to be against Seth Rollins in Jeddah – so yeah no pressure.’ 

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