June 25, 2024

Athena says she did not expected so much energy from Willow

Athena was in the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted podcast, where she talked about Willow Nightingale, Jade Cargill, comic books and more.

When she was asked about her reaction when trio’s match changed to tag team match

“I feel like, I’m one of those people that’s just prepared for everything. I know that probably sounds weird but I’m doing this a long time, so like, I kinda have this thing. it’s like, It’s not happening until it happened already, then you like, oh wow it happened. So just prepare for chaos, prepare for fun, prepare for any possible outcome.

Honestly I had so much fun with Willow, she’s. I wasn’t expecting, how bubbly and how much energy she has. I think I have lot of energy but I was like, oh this is excessive, oh this is a start of a horror movie. That’s the first time I have had any interaction with Willow because, I think when we first announced she is gonna be our trios partner like I hadn’t met her yet. I know that’s sounds crazy. Yeah, but baddies aren’t going to jump Willow like that, so like we are gonna make Willow part of our team. So like when she finally showed up, it was awesome because I think me her and Stat, we hit it off immediately. We were joking around all day as we usually do, Aubrey has seen it, probably sick of it because we turn into like 8 year old little girls at a slumber party very quickly. So it was really nice to have a third in there and Willow like I said, Willow was so pumped so amazing and like she was always someone I saw, when I was not on the Indies because she came around when I was gone, she makes me smile everytime I see her. I’m like I just wanna hug her and I feel like I have known her forever, she is just infectious with her energy which is absolutely amazing.”

When she was asked about meeting Jade Cargill on twitter.

“That’s how we met, I was out day drinking with my mom, which is probably the worst time to be on twitter and one of the best because my mom also, is like uh, just do it. She posts, she just got in her 30 and I believe and she posted ‘who’s next?’ and it popped on my timeline and all my Indie friends were like ‘pick me girl, I will beat you’, I was like literally take a sip of sake and I go mom shall I respond to this and she goes do it and so we both were like cheers to sake do that, I’m like question mark and do like the thing emoji one there, then like that’s what started all of this and you know like it was something meant for fun then it just went real quick, we just haven’t stopped since then.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit AEW Unrestricted an h/t to WrestlingManiaFan.in for the transcription

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