May 23, 2024

Paul Heyman says Rock is more than welcome to face Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman was in the latest episode of The Ringer Wrestling Show podcast, where he talked about Roman Reigns, Rock and more.

When he was asked about taking F5 from Brock Lesnar

“He was coming for my Tribal Chief and my Tribal chief was in trouble and there comes a moment, in the life of every acknowledger of The Tribal Chief, where you were called to task to put your worship of the greatest of all time, Roman Reigns. Out in front of the public, if that means standing in front of Brock Lesnar then so be it. There was no other choice my Tribal Chief needed me and I never felt more wanted or needed or loved at the moment, for I sacrificed myself for the Tribal Chief and it is the greatest honour in my career to do so.”

There were many reports that Roman Reigns could possibly face The Rock in next year WrestleMania but if Rock’s schedule is not available then Cody Rhodes seems fan favorite alternate opponent for Roman Reigns in WrestleMania next year.

When Heyman was asked about possibility of Roman Reigns vs The Rock

“If Dwayne Johnson wants the publicity to lose to Roman Reigns, we will give him a title match, he doesn’t have to wait in line or win a battle royal or whatever, there is box office there and I’m impressed with Dwayne Johnson has done outside of WWE and I would counsel Roman Reigns that we could make a special provision to defend the title and smash Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson wants take that beating. He(Rock) is more than welcome to step up to The Tribal Chief, as long as he understands it, when the match is over. He’s going to be like everyone else and that is, he’s going to acknowledge the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.”

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