July 20, 2024

Austin Theory on Controversy Surrounding his Push “briefcase is where it got a lot of controversy”

Austin Theory is one of the brightest talent in WWE, Austin Theory had received criticism in the past for getting more opportunities than other wrestlers. Theory winning MITB was very surprising, but at the end he failed to cash-in his MITB contract successfully.

Austin Theory was recently in Busted Open Radio, where he talked about Vince, WWE and more

Theory talks about his major push

“I think the briefcase is where it got a lot of controversy. Basically, it just kind of was getting to the point if you were looking at it from like a widescale of ‘where’s this going,’ you look at Roman Reigns, he’s pretty much immortal right now. So, I think, for me, in a sense of, I need to be way more built up to look even possible to beat Roman Reigns. The briefcase was just kind of an anchor on me.”(H/T: WrestlingInc)

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