July 20, 2024

Dominik Mysterio wishes Eddie Guerrero had won custody over him

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio were best friends off the screen. During their feud Rey and Eddie once wrestled for custody over Dominik Mysterio at SummerSlam 2005. Rey Mysterio won the custody match with the help of Vicki Guerrero.

Dominik Mysterio recently interviewed by WrestlingInc, where he talked about Eddie Guerrero, Rhea Ripley Judgement Day and more.

When he was asked if he wishes Eddie had won custody over him

Yeah, 100%. I mean WWE storyline he is my dad. So like man, I would have loved to have gone with Uncle Eddie at this point. I feel like we would have had really good dynamic at home.

I always tell people, I feel like Eddie and my dad slowly planted that seed of me becoming a wrestler like without me knowing when I was eight, and that storyline. I’m very happy and very blessed and fortunate to be in the position that I’m in and I’m very thankful man, It’s been a wild ride.

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