March 2, 2024

Baron Corbin wins Gold Medal in Jiu Jitsu World League III

Baron Corbin is one of the top star in WWE. He is scheduled to face to Ilja Dragunov for WWE NXT Championship at WWE Deadline

Baron Corbin competed on Jiu Jitsu World League III, which was held in Florida on December 2. Baron Corbin was able to secure Gold Medal in Jiu Jitsu World League III.

RUDOS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school shared a picture of Baron Corbin with the gold medal on its official Instagram page. Baron Corbin is eyeing for another gold when he wrestles Ilja Dragunov at NXT Deadline on December 9.

FIRST PLACE @baroncorbinwwe !! Double medals for @prwhiteangel and 3rd place for @bird.bjj 🇲🇽!! Thank You to the RUDOS teammates and Coaches 🏆🥇🥈🥉!! We NEVER STOP!!!

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