July 20, 2024

Jim Ross says AEW Star Christian Cage is one of the best heels in the business

Christian Cage is current AEW TBS Champion. Christian Cage has been wrestling for over 20 years. He has tonnes of knowledge in wrestling, AEW talents are hugely benefitting from sharing locker room with Christian.

Jim Ross recently on his Grilling JR podcast talked about Christian Cage. Ross thinks Christian Cage is one of the best heels in the business.

“His size [and] look didn’t do him any favors at certain points in his career. I know that my belief is that McMahon did not push him more because he didn’t like Christian’s look. It didn’t sell. It wasn’t the ‘wow factor.’ He wasn’t the guy, except for his hair, that could walk through an airport and be noticed. He fit in. Edge, being 6’4, stood out. So, yeah. Size had a big issue there, at times. He’s passed it now, thank God, for AEW. That’s why he’s one of the best heels in the friggin’ business.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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