July 21, 2024

Batista feels WWE gave more opportunities to John Cena, even though both were headlining shows

Batista had a great career in WWE, he was six-time WWE World Champion and he was also a member of ‘Evolution’, which is one of the strongest faction in WWE History.

Dave Bautista recently gave an interview to GQ, where he talked about WWE, John Cena, Stone Cold and more.

Batista on John Cena getting more opportunity

“John Cena and I were both headlining shows, I was [the face of] SmackDown. He was Raw. But he was being used in [WWE-produced] films and television commercials and magazines, and I was just headlining shows. In fact, there was one point where he was off making a film and I was headlining both sets of shows and the pay-per-views. It was just a feeling of, ‘We’re not getting equal opportunities.” 

Batista on advice he received from Stone Cold

“Before I left WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin pulled me aside and said, ‘You’re going to get offers for horrible scripts. The money will be tempting. Don’t get caught in that trap.’”

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