April 18, 2024

Becky Lynch on Seth Rollin’ WM 39 entrance “It brought tears to my eyes”

Becky Lynch while recapping WrestleMania 39 night 2 with Daniel Cormier and Marc Raimondi on ESPN MMA, commented on the standout moment of WrestleMania 39. Becky’s standout moment of WrestleMania 39 was Seth Rollins entrance.

“I think his entrance. I’m gonna pick his entrance as my number one, only because again, I must have been emotional this weekend or something, I don’t know why, performance in front of 80,000 fans can do that to you. It brought tears to my eyes, just hearing the audience and seeing the conductor getting everybody going, and then he comes out looking the way he came out. Amazing. Incredible.”

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