May 22, 2024

Becky Lynch says she likes being a heel

Becky Lynch was injured during her match with Bianca Belair at SummerSlam, since then she was not seen in WWE. Becky Lynch is still recovering from her injury, we are yet to receive update of her possible return date

Becky Lynch recently a appearance in New York City Advertising Week, where she talked about Bianca Belair, WWE and more.

When she was asked about the experience of being a heel and face

“Being a heel is so much fun, because I think human nature is we generally don’t just want to like people. So you have so much freedom in that you can do anything, you can have fun. If people don’t like you, well, I’m doing my job. If people like you, you’re so entertaining, how could they not like you. It(Heel) is lot easier and lot more fun in that aspect. Being a babyface, honestly I’m not the greatest athlete in the world and my story of perseverance has registered with fans. they can get behind that underdog who constantly had to overcome, but then when it comes to business and wrestling as a whole, and especially women’s wrestling, I feel like, I can be of help by being a heel, because when you’re a baby face, It’s all about you, It’s how good you look, how do we make audience like you the most. When you’re a heel, It’s all about all about how you make the baby face look good, how can you get people invested and wants to see this guy win and so I feel like I have gotten so much equity with that audience and I’m able to help babyface and then as a whole that just helps women’s wrestling when people get more equity and they get more exposure and that drives the business forward. So I like both, I like being a heel, I think everybody likes being a heel.”

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