April 18, 2024

Big E’s doctor have advised him not to wrestle again

Big E broke his neck during an SmackDown episode in March 2022, ever since he hasn’t returned to WWE. It was rumoured that he could return and his neck has recovered, but it seems like Big E won’t be returning anytime soon.

Big E was on WWE SummerSlam media conference, where he was asked about his injury update. Big says his doctor think it’s good for him to return to the ring again.

“We did the year check-up and all that stuff looked great, but on the other side, I also talked to spine specialists, people who have worked on other people in the company and done their fusions and they said, ‘Hey, I would not wrestle again if I were you.’ For me, at 37, these are things that I think about. I think about quality of life. When I started this job at 23 and probably had a bit of a death wish and was okay at dying in the ring, I would now like to not die in the ring. I would like to do other things with my life. I don’t really have a timeline right now. I’m just really grateful to not have any nerve pain. My strength is great. Legit no issues whatsoever. It’s something I want to be smart about and make the best decision for my life. I’d like to have a lot of healthy life ahead of me. I want to be smart about things. Unfortunately, right now, I have no answer. I feel great, but I have nothing.” (H/T: Fightful)

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