June 8, 2024

Bobby Lashley destroys Seth Rollins and Theory | WWE Raw results 11/7

Seth Rollins issued a open challenge for United States Championship, Bobby Lashley challenges Seth Rollins. Lashley before the start of the match started attacking Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins tries to fight back but Bobby was too strong, Lashley put him through the announce table. Lashley mercilessly ambushed Seth Rollins. Austin Theory thought this was the best opportunity to cash-in in MITB contract. So Austin cashes his contract, Seth Rollins was barely able to stand.

Theory hits a forearm and go for the pin but Seth kicks out, Austin hits A-Town down but that not enough to pin Seth Rollins. Theory was shocked to see him kicking out. Seth Rollins hit two right hands and one back of the neck. Seth tried to hit pedigree and but Theory reverse it and hit pedigree, then also Seth kicks out. Finally Austin hits A-Town Down and was in verge of winning the match and Bobby pulls out referee during the pin, and attacked Austin Theory.

Bobby went back after attacking Austin, and referee continued the match. Austin was outside the ring, so referee started count down and Austin barely enter the ring. Seth Rollins hits curb storm and wins the match. Seth Rollins retains the title.

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