June 25, 2024

Bobby Lashley says he still has some unfinished business with Brock Lesnar

Bobby Lashley was in the latest episode of Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast, where he talked about Omos, Riddle, Brock Lesnar and more.

When he was asked about his match with Brock Lesnar

“We didn’t get ‘the’ match, it wasn’t the match I wanted because like, there is lot of things that are involved there man. I, for me with him, It’s a story, It’s a bigger story then just a couple of weeks and then we’re in a pay-per view and It’s more than just that, like we have there’s, I want to train for that match like, I’m training for a fight, I need the six weeks or I need the eight weeks, there’s a lot of stuffs that we could have went into the match, people want to see us fight. People want to see us wrestle, people want to see us a professional wrestling match, they want to see it all. We could have given them all of that within couple of months but we didn’t, so there’s still lot of unfinished business there, I pinned him, so I won.

You asked about fighting whether or not I want to fight and I get asked this all the time. If I want to fight again and It’s not so much because of the fight, It’s because of the training leading up to the fight, It’s what I like. I love that, I want to see that mind-mess, you get when you go through preparing for a fight because there’s, when you have a fight, first they send you the contract, you sign your name alright, this is real I’m fighting this guy and then throughout the time, you go through and you’re kind of checking up on his Instagram okay damn and you go through all that and then weigh-ins, you stand in front of me, like man okay, finally can see this guy, there’s all these, all this build-up that you have in your head, that you go through in a fight and me and Brock need to have that.

There should be that Rocky story, where I’m running up a mountain and he has a big log on his shoulder, he’s doing lunges up a mountain, you know we need all of that Rocky story involved with that matchup because that matchup is different and throughout that time, there might be a fight that breaks out, before leading up to that, may hinder that fight from happening. You know there’s all kinds of things and we pull out answer there and then, you have the fight and then you have the match and then, you have such build-up and everybody’s like man here it is and there’s that feeling, we didn’t get all of that, we got the feeling to the point of yes, we get to both these guys in the ring, so now we get to see what they look like against each other but there’s lot of things that we didn’t get out of that match.”

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