May 23, 2024

5 phenomenal entrance by WWE Superstars with vehicle

WWE is known for unpredictability, we have seen many scary, mind-boggling, funny entrance in WWE. Today lets see unexpected vehicle entrances in WWE History.

Stone Cold’s zamboni entrance to the ring

Stone Cold and Vince McMahon have had many incredible moments in WWE but driving zamboni onto the ring is one of the best. Vince McMahon had organised celebration party for presentation of Championship to Kane and Undertaker on 9/28/1998 episode of Raw but party did not go as per planned. Vince had guard all over the entrance to the arena but still nobody were able to stop the marching zamboni.

Rusev tank entrances in WrestleMania 31

Rusev was defending his US title in WrestleMania 31 against John Cena. Lana made her entrance carrying US title with soldiers surrounding her, then came the man of the hour Rusev with a giant Tank and waving the flag. It might not be in the best entrance of all time but it would probably one of the best badass entrance of all time.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon motorcycle entrance

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon faced Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey in WrestleMania 34. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made their entrance with a motorcycle. Not only that Stephanie McMahon did the iconic water spitting of Triple H with him. They ultimately made an power couple entrance in WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck entrance

Alliance were celebrating a small party to appreciate Stone Cold but party did not go as per plan, thanks to Kurt Angle, who marched towards the ring with the milk truck. Kurt Angle started hitting Alliances with milk packet. Alliance were given a milk bath by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle himself said in his podcast that milk truck moment was one of his favourite.

Brock Lesnar tractor entrance in SummerSlam

WWE advertised this match as, it could be the last time Brock and Roman Reigns facing each other, so they had to make the best out of this match, they sure did so. Brock Lesnar entered the arena with a tractor like a cowboy. Brock Lesnar not only made his entrance with tractor but also lifted the ring with tractor which was the most unexpected moment in WWE History.

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