May 22, 2024

Booker T compares Rhea Ripley to Hulk Hogan

Rhea Ripley is arguably one of the strongest female wrestler in WWE, Rhea joining Judgement Day benefitted both Rhea as well as The Judgement Day. It will be matter of time before she gets into Title picture.

Booker T recently in his Hall Of Fame podcast talked about Rhea Ripley, he compared Rhea Ripley to Hulk Hogan

“I can see that happening. I said Rhea Ripley, I don’t know what a couple of years ago man, I think I compared her to Hulk Hogan. I was like, ‘man, she’s a monster.’ But I just thought she had to feel a whole lot more. She had to go through a lot more growing pains before she actually get put in that position, especially with Charlotte Flair being there and Charlotte being so good. Both of those guys matching up so well together, you don’t wanna rush her into that spot too soon because two people playing that role at the same time it could kind of like get muddled a little bit,”

“They kind of like the reason I think when she went with Judgment Day it was kind of like to shield her a little bit. To kind of like put her in a place to where she could actually still be on the show, actually still be be seen, play a role, but not actually be in that competitive role at that point in time. But like I always said I feel like Rhea Ripley is money in the bank and once you get the rocket put on her, I’m gonna tell you right now man, she’s gonna be something special,”

(H/T: Sportskeeda)

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