March 2, 2024

Braun Strowman: “I would love to have another go at Gunther.”

Braun Strowman is one of the strongest wrestler in WWE. He has squash many wrestlers in WWE. Braun Strowman is currently recovering from neck injury. Braun Strowman’ last match in WWE was a tag team match, where he teamed up with Ricochet to face Alpha Academy.

Braun Strowman recently gave an interview to, where he talked about Bray Wyatt, Gunther, neck injury and more.

Braun Strowman on possibility of feud with Gunther

“Yeah, I would love to have another go at Guntur. I mean, he’s one of what, four men that have ever been able to put my shoulders to the mat for three. And I give kudos to him. What he’s done with the Intercontinental Championship. He has completely elevated [the title], higher than it’s ever been elevated before.

“In my opinion, he’s the greatest Intercontinental Champion that WWE has ever had, and he’s brought prestige to that title. So the person that’s able to take that away from him, that would speak volumes. And getting back in that ring, mixing it back up because he’s a fierce competitor. I like competition, and when somebody brings it to me like that, it makes me go, Okay!”

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