April 22, 2024

Bray Wyatt returns | WWE Extreme Rules results 10/8

Matt Riddle finally was able to make Seth tap out. Riddle was returning and Michael said the closing line of the show, but suddenly lights go out and music plays.

Multiple rabbit dolls were shown at end of the arena and past Bray Wyatt Firefly fun house music was played. Bray finally made his entrance with typical old lamp. Bray Wyatt was wearing different mask.

Bray Wyatt removed the mask and said I’m here and turns off the lamp. Extreme Rules goes off air.

Fans thought Riddle vs Seth Rollins match was the end of the show. Bray Wyatt return received one of the loudest cheers in recent times in WWE.

Lets see when Bray Wyatt again shows up, whether will it be on Smackdown or Raw.

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