June 25, 2024

Edge says ‘I Quit’ | WWE Extreme Rules result 10/8

For Edge this was a emotional match. The Judgement Day were merciless in this match. This was one most brutal match in recent time.

Edge was in control of the match, but Finn Balor with the Judgement Day members brutally ambushed Edge, but Beth Phoenix comes in rescue for his husband. Edge started to fightback and hits multiple spears. Edge asks Beth to finish Finn Balor. Rhea Ripley knock Beth out with knuckle brace, Beth was out after the hit.

Judgement Day were attacking Edge, but he was not ready to quit, but Rhea told Edge if he doesn’t quit she will hit her head with chair. Edge quits obliging to Judgement Days words. Even though Edge quit Rhea attacks Beth with the chair.

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