April 15, 2024

“It literally feels like someone is dragging barbed wire across your body” Karrion Kross reflects on Strap match.

Karrion Kross was recently in The Ringer Wrestling Show podcast, talked about Drew McIntyre, Strap match experience, Triple H and more.

When he was asked about how much does the Strap hurt

“It literally feels like someone is dragging barbed wire across your body, people have all these preconceived notions about what’s real and what’s not when they are watching this, I can tell you this right now, it’s very very very real, and that’s part of the attraction. These are not things that you can just go anywhere and see without maybe going to jail. We want this to be what we are selling and so it is, it is exactly what you see.”

When he was asked about what he can learn from Drew McIntyre

“I’m gonna say something that might surprise a lot of people listening to this, but Drew McIntyre is a prime example of somebody in life not even just in wrestling but in life, he’s been knocked down so many times personally and professionally throughout his entire life, this guy still gets up everyday, he might not be inspired, might not feel enthusiastic or motivated like all of us, we are all human being. It’s cool to promote motivation and inspiration and you know wakeup driven, honestly people don’t wake up like that, but that guy on the days he wants to do it or the day he doesn’t, gives hundred and ten percent on every single things he does.

A lot of people have counted him out professionally throughout his career and he’s always proved them wrong, that’s somebody in life that anyone could look at and go, ‘ you know, I’m down on at my luck right now but this guy did it, maybe I can do it too’. I think those peoples are important in life because we all deal with resistance in life physically, mentally, spiritually and lot of times it feels like, you know you gotta give something up or you can’t go on or gonna change something, you can’t do what you love anymore, he is a prime example of someone who kept trying to find a way to make it worth and he did, he made all of it work. Being able to work with somebody like that, not even just professionally but personally, you can’t make something like that happen in life, that’s just something that is around and if you prepared for that day when it’s come around and your lucky enough to be around somebody like that, then it pays off and I felt like for me it payed off tonight.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit The Ringer Wrestling Show an h/t to WrestlingManiafan.in for the transcription

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