May 23, 2024

“Gracias mami” Dominik Mysterio thanks Rhea Ripley

Dominik used to be dad’s little boy, used to play second fiddle to his dad Rey Mysterio. Ever since Rhea came into Dominik’s storyline, he’s completely changed now.

Rhea Ripley used to beat up Dominik mercilessly to take revenge on Rey Mysterio. Later on as the time passed Dominik realised he needs to join a better team in WWE to grow, so he turned on Edge at Clash at the Castle and hits a savage clothesline to Rey Mysterio.

Rhea says she turned Dominik into a man, and tells Rey Mysterio that he is not his little boy anymore. Dominik is playing a huge role in destroying Edge. Edge used to show some mercy to Dominik but now Edge considers Dominik as an opponent.

Edge faced Balor at Extreme Rules in ‘I Quit Match’, which was one of the gruelling match in recent times, lot of things happened in that match. Judgement Day started attacking Edge suddenly Beth Phoenix came in rescue for his husband. But she was knocked out by Rhea Ripley with knuckles. Dominik Mysterio attacked his own father without any hesitation.

Rhea Ripley retweeted picture of Dominik attacking Rey Mysterio, and quoted ‘Good Boy’. Dominik retweets Rhea’s tweet with quoting “Gracious mami”

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