March 2, 2024
The Usos greatest tag team

Jey Uso on Jimmy Uso: “He really messed up. He really hurt me.”

Jey and Jimmy Uso used to be tag team partners, they were known as The Usos. The Usos are one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history. Due to some issues The Usos split.

Jey Uso recently was on WWE’s The Bump, where he was asked about Jimmy Uso. Jey says Jimmy really hurt him.

“He wasn’t at my Thanksgiving, I’ll tell you that. Neither was Solo. Me and Jimmy just gonna keep doing what we been doing, low-key fighting and make-up since we was younger. But lately, I don’t know if there’s no coming back from this. He really messed up. He really hurt me. Me and Jimmy, this is the first time we’ve been just bit on the same page, not on the same frequency together. I don’t see him as much. I’m going through it too. He’s hurting, but I’m hurting too,” Jey said.

“We got it together, out of the mud. Even traveling alone, it’s hard. I feel somewhat empty. Like you said, I’m at the highest point. I do want my brother to be there. I wish we was all good. But man, things happen. Family fight, uce, and we gonna love each other at the end. But Jimmy gonna get this work. You got an ass-whooping coming to you, Uce. Trust me,” Jey said. (H/T: Fightful)

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