May 23, 2024

Jey Uso takes out Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso, says he’s out of WWE.

Roman Reigns was accompanied by Solo and Paul Heyman. Jimmy Uso made his way into the ring. Jimmy said Roman Reigns has nothing to do with what he did to his brother at SummerSlam.

Jey Uso enters the ring, he asks Jimmy why he did that to him. Jimmy says because he loves him. Jimmy says if he had dethroned Roman Reigns, he would also become a bad guy like Roman Reigns. Jey was thinking about what Jimmy said. Jimmy goes of the ring. Roman says nobody cares about you or your brother here.

Jey hits a superkick to Roman Reigns but Roman fought back with superman punch, but Jey hits a brutal spear to Roman Reigns. Jey calls Jimmy into the ring. Jimmy came running towards Jey, but suddenly Jey hits a superkick to Jimmy Uso.

Jey Uso says he’s out of The Bloodline, SmackDown and also WWE. It was shocking to here Jey says he’s out of WWE.

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