June 7, 2024

Goldberg: “Guerrero family had such a huge impact on me when I was coming up.”

Goldberg was one of the prominent wrestlers in WWE. He has won many championship during his time WWE and WCW. Goldberg’s last match in WWE was against Roman Reigns in 2022.

Goldberg recently was on Alamo Wrestlling podcast, where he talked about Guerrero family. Goldberg says Guerrero family had a huge impact on him while coming up.

“That Guerrero family had such a huge impact on me when I was coming up. They would take the time, unlike others, who felt threatened, they would take the time to make sure I knew the basics. Whether it was Eddie or Chavo. Chavo was great with me. The entire family, I have nothing but found memories with all of our interactions. In this day and age, a lot of people have ulterior motives.”

“That family never had an ulterior motive, just an effort to make you better than you were before. That, you have to take your hat off to and cover your heart for, and you have to be appreciative that you run into people with such good character.” (H/T: Fightful)

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