May 22, 2024

Rey Mysterio: “I like giving the fans always something special.”

Rey Mysterio is one of the greatest wrestler of all time. He has achieved almost everything there is in WWE. He has won Royal Rumble, World Championships. Rey Mysterio was also inducted into the 2023 WWE Hall Of Fame.

Rey Mysterio is the current WWE United States Champion. He is actively wrestling for over 20 years in WWE, there’s no stopping Rey Mysterio. Logan Paul versus Rey Mysterio match is set for WWE Crown Jewel 2023.

Rey Mysterio recently was interviewed by Ariel Helwani of MMA Hour, where he talked about timeframe for his potential retirement plans.

“Obviously, the way I’ve been working for the past 34 years, I’ve modified my work a lot, for the best, but still being able to invest the audience in watching Rey Mysterio. I always like to come up, create moves that fans can say, ‘Wow, he’s still doing it.’ That’s part of my growth and has part of what’s been keeping me healthy to be able to keep doing what I do. Sometimes they tell me, ‘Bro, you don’t have to keep doing this thing [where] you slide underneath the ropes and hit the ground.’ But I love doing it, I like giving the fans always something special.” (H/T: WrestlingInc)

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