July 20, 2024

Brawl broke out between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes | WWE Raw Results 5/30

Cody Rhodes made his way to the ring, fans were chanting Cody, Cody. Cody Rhodes told that he was always a fan of Seth Rollins from the first time he saw him.

Cody told that his father saw great potential in Seth Rollin when he was in NXT. He says Seth Rollins live up to the hype. Cody Rhodes told that when received a call that he getting a second chance, & he will be fighting Seth Rollins in WrestleMania. He told that he was nervous when about the match. Cody told that he can’t return here with a loss. He said he wanted to be top of the game, & told he was at the top of the game. Cody says he was the better man on both occasion. Cody said that made Seth Rollins mad Cody says jealous leads men to take desperate measures. Cody Rhodes says Seth Rollins is a ego maniac.

Cody Rhodes says all the self respect & every ounce of Cody’s self control will be locked outside hell in a cell. Cody says Seth will locked inside with a man who wants to hurt him. Seth Rollins music hits, Seth Rollins made his entrance through fans, he was laughing at Cody. Seth Rollins told he does not like Cody, he say he doesn’t want Cody to be there. Seth Rollins says he tried to accept the new Cody Rhodes, but it was hard for him, Seth says each week Cody chants are increasing & says he can’t stand that any longer.

Seth Rollins told Cody, he left WWE because he wasn’t good enough. Seth told everyday Cody gone, he and his little friends tried to tear down what he was building there & says after it didn’t work well for Cody, Seth says Cody came running over to there to fulfil his family legacy. Seth Rollins says Cody can’t take sledge hammer to the throne & come back there & tries to take throne from him. Seth says he doesn’t like him & says he doesn’t want him there. Seth told he is gonna end Cody in Hell in a Cell & says finally they can wake up from American Nightmare. Cody told Seth that time for talking was over. Cody ran after Seth & catches him both started attacking.

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