May 22, 2024

Kim Orton talks about how she met Randy Orton

Randy Orton and Kim Orton have been married for more than 7 years. Randy Orton said in many interviews that she is a perfect wife and perfect mom.

Kim Orton & Giovanna Angle were interviewed by Chris Van Viet. Kim Orton talked about Randy Orton’s work schedule & how she met him.

“I watched wrestling when I was a kid like everybody else, me and my brother, you know Saturday morning. I think it was and the Hulk Hogan’s, Rowdy Roddy Piper’s those guys right and then you grow up and fell out of wrestling and I had kids and I had boys and they got into wrestling. I remember, you know occasionally coming in and watching with them and Shawn Michaels was still around, so that got me happy because I like Shawn.

“But then I remember like, who’s that guy and it was like that’s Randy Orton and I’m like hmm, Randy Orton is kind of fine, you know then It turned into hey when Randy Orton comes on call Mommy because I want to see him. So like keep watching little bit more but like never really cared too much about his personal life or anything like that, it was just like to me, he was this fine fine guy who I was like wow, I really think like just looking at him and like hearing him talk and everything. I’m like wow, I feel like if I met him and we made out that we would fall in love.

“It was so strange because I lived Upstate New York at the time I met him. And there was this little tiny in Poughkeepsie, this little tiny arena and the civic centre, the Poughkeepsie civic centre and I’m driving and I hear oh WWE’s Randy Orton and this one and that one is coming to the Poughkeepsie civic centre. And I’m like what, there’s no way that he’s coming 10minutes from my house and so I’m like calling for the tickets right. I’m like all right we’re getting tickets to the show and we got tickets and I took my two oldest and my youngest was too little, he was three at the time.

I took the boys to the show and it was so crazy because we got there like 30 minutes before doors open because they all wanted pictures and I’m like I mean all right, you know you get to see Randy and so we are standing outside and he his bus was there and It was only bus there and we have all these pictures of like Daniel Bryan walking in Dolph and Roman and like all these just random people walking in and taking pictures of them and we waited, waited and waited and I remember being so hot wow, my kids were getting mad, they were like let’s go inside already. I’m like well don’t you want to wait to see if Randy comes of the bus and there like no, we don’t care mom.

“So we go inside and I made my kids make a sign and I remember going to the mall on the way to the show and we made a sign that said Randy Orton rko my mom. We bring it to the show and this dude, he just like he walks out. I’m standing in the barricade with my phone and he’s like looking and he goes into the ring and he is wrestling and he keeps like turning back and I’m like so we were in 8th row, I still have my tickets and some random girl that was sitting next to me, she’s like I think he keeps looking at you I’m like I think he is too like. Oh my god and so he now matches over. I go back to the barricade and he’s walking through and he’s like doing the I’m just you know cool for school and slick and everything with all these people. Then he stops in front of me and he’s like if you want to take pictures with me and I’m like yeah.

“He is like alright, what’s your name because I gotta get to know all of this. I was like okay, I was dying, like everything in my body was shaking and I was trying to be so cool and I actually gave the security guard my phone number and the security guard walked outside and gave me his(Randy) number. Literally 30 sec after the security guard gave him my phone number. He was texting me and he’s like yeah you know diner I’m going to, you know would you wanna meet me. I’m like yeah sure and I go and I meet him and we hung out for like for an hour and I got in my car to leave and before I sat down in my car, he was texting me, he was like I never met anybody like you, I’m so glad I met you tonight you’re so cool and I’m gonna be around here for the next couple of days would you wanna hang out and I’m like from that day, that was it. We have been together since that day.”

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