July 21, 2024

Bray Wyatt defeats LA Knight | WWE Royal Rumble 2023

LA Knight made his entrance first and then Bray Wyatt made his entrance. Bray Wyatt look very scary. Bray Wyatt was in a hurry to finish the match.

Bray Wyatt started attacking LA Knight from the word go. Bray Wyatt was throwing LA Knight, he rolls out of the ring but Bray was not ready to let him go. Wyatt puts him through staircase and then throws him into the crowd.

LA Knight fights back with a kendo stick but Wyatt was so strong, Wyatt hits sister abigail to win the match. After the match Bray Wyatt goes after LA Knight wearing a different mask. Bray Wyatt locks LA Knight with Mandible claw. Uncle Howdy was above him and jumps on LA Knight. Firefly funhouse family was watching Wyatt and Uncle howdy.

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