June 25, 2024

Britt Baker hopes to see Mercedes Mone in AEW in some capacity

Mercedes Mone had a pretty great career in WWE, she walked out of RAW live taping in last May. Mercedes Mone made a surprise debut at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17. She defeats Kairi at NJPW Battle in the Valley to win IWGP Women’s Title.

Britt Baker recently gave an interview to New York Post, where she talked about Mercedes Mone, Jade Cargill and more.

Britt Baker on Mercedes Mone

It’s weird to see now that she’s out in the wild. She’s not completely inaccessible in a way. These are very realistic matchups that could happen and I think the world is ready to see Mercedes Moné let out of the cage. What is she gonna do now? I hope and pray that someday, we see her in some capacity in AEW. And if by chance I could be in the connection too, I would be very, very for that.

Britt Baker on Jade Cargill wanting to have storyline top AEW Wrestlers

“I think it’s gonna be a whole new world for Jade because we’ve been around the block a little bit longer than some of these girls she’s wrestling and we’re very territorial and protective of our spot and our brand and the division,” Baker said. “She’s not just going to come through and steam roll through all of us like she does some other people.”

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