June 10, 2024

Dominik Mysterio says “Prison Dom” character was a joke when it was Initially pitched

Dominik Mysterio joining the Judgement Day was one of the best decision in his wrestling career. Even though fans hate him, but he became lot more famous than when he was teaming with his father. Prison Dom storyline received lot of boos but getting booed by fans is also kind of appreciation for a heel.

Dominik Mysterio was recently interviewed by Inside The Ropes, where he talked about Prison Dom storyline.

“I feel like it was almost just like … a joke from my end where I, where I kind of just threw out this like, Prison Mike stuff and Finn had actually gotten, like, memes about it earlier because he came out with the bandana and everyone was comparing him to Prison Mike. But then I just threw it out there as a joke and then the next thing we’re doing is we’re filming me like kind of hardened out of jail … Prison Dom all the way.”(H/T: RingSideNews)

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