May 23, 2024

Brock Lesnar destroys Otis | WWE Raw results 7/11

After a long time, Brock Lesnar made his appearance in Raw. Brock Lesnar received a phenomenal response for his entrance, fans were chanting Lesnar, Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar says life is good for Roman Reigns and says since WrestleMania he is living high on the hog, says he is flying on private jet and is eating like king, he continues and tells pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Brock Lesnar says Roman Reigns is a hog and tells he slaughter hog every single day.

Paul Heyman interrupts Lesnar and says Roman Reigns defined his greatness by athletically beating and making them tap out and says he and Brock Lesnar for 20 years had defined Brock Lesnar legacies by annihilating people for good by breaking their neck, streak, ending career and says if Brock Lesnar had to put Roman Reigns down for the count of 10 and says that’s what Lesnar will do. Heyman says they are approaching 700 day as Roman Reigns as champion and says to Lesnar that beating Roman Reigns is the only streak that Lesnar will not conquer.

Theory interrupts Lesnar and Heyman and says he will take back US title from Lashley and will watch Roman vs Brock match. Theory says after their match, he said he will not run to ring instead he will walk to ring to cash-in says, he says he will be the youngest undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Theory says Lesnar does not care about anybody and showed the footage of this years elimination chamber where Lesnar F5’ed Lesnar from top of the pod. Alpha academy came over the barricade and tried to attack Lesnar but Lesnar destroys Alpha Academy.

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