April 16, 2024

5 Best Becky Lynch Matches in WWE

Becky Lynch made many women wrestlers dream come through by main eventing in WWE Grandest stage of them all WrestleMania. Becky has had many phenomenal matches in WWE, it would be fair to say that she is one best women superstar in current WWE roster.

Lets see 5 Best Becky Lynch matches in WWE

Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte – WrestleMania 35

These three women made history by main eventing in WrestleMania. Both Charlotte and Ronda gave a tough fight for Becky Lynch but she was not ready to back down from the fight. This match had one of the most dramatic end to a WrestleMania match. Ronda hits piper pits but Becky was able to put Ronda Rousey shoulder down and pin her

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Bank – WWE NXT Takeover 2015

It was delight for fans to watch as they were able to watch four horse women compete against each other. It was hard fought match. Becky Lynch was so close to win the match but Sasha got better of all three wrestlers and Sasha Bank locks Charlotte with Bank Statement lock, Charlotte was screaming in pain, Charlotte was trying hard to get her hand on to the rope but Sasha rolls Charlotte for quick pin and wins the NXT Women’s Champion.

Becky vs Asuka vs Charlotte – WWE TLC 2018

Becky was defending her title against two of the best in women’s roster. Charlotte was on top of the ladder and had her hands on the title but quickly Asuka climbed back and started attacking Charlotte. Becky set ups a ladder beside them and climbs. Charlotte punch made her climb down the ladder, Charlotte jumped to Becky’s ladder both were attacking each other. Suddenly Ronda made her way to the ring and pushed that ladder which made Becky and Charlotte fell onto the rope. Both Charlotte and Becky were hurt now Asuka had nobody to stop her. She climbed the ladder and won the title

Becky Lynch vs Asuka – Royal Rumble 2019

Becky Lynch was having the run of her lifetime in 2019. Asuka and Becky was a great match. Asuka got the better of Becky Lynch and won the match and becomes new Smackdown Women’s title. Later on Becky came in replacement for Lana in women’s royal rumble and won the match and went onto main event in WrestleMania.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks – NXT Takeover 2019

Sasha Banks was defending her title against Becky Lynch, this match will probably in list of best NXT women’s in NXT history. Both Sasha and Becky brutally attacked each other. Becky Lynch looked Sasha with armbar which made her scream finally Sasha locked Becky with Bank Statement lock which made Becky tap out and Sasha Banks retained her title.

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