June 10, 2024

(Report) Vince McMahon shouted derogatory things at Bray Wyatt about his physique

Ever since Triple H took control of the creative, there has been many changes done in WWE and saw many returns in last couple of week. Fans are eagerly waiting for Bray Wyatt to return but now under Triple H control fans are more optimistic about Bray Wyatt returning back to WWE.

Fighful Select reported that there is lot of interest for Wyatt from WWE, superstars and staffs internally. One source told that Vince McMahon was ‘done’ with Bray Wyatt and used to shout derogatory things at Bray Wyatt for his physique and Vince was not a fan of Bray Wyatt for his attitude as he used to criticize the creatives.

Bray Wyatt’s last match was with Randy Orton in WrestleMania 37, Bray Wyatt was supposed to win the match and Randy Orton was to take time off from WWE but the bout was changed days before the event. One person who worked on that storyline notes that nobody had any clue on what was supposed to happen.

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