May 23, 2024

Brock Lesnar returns and attacks Roman Reigns | WWE Smackdown Results 6/17

Roman Reigns defended his championship against Riddle today. Riddle started attacking Roman Reigns from the word go. Riddle started punching Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns started attacking back. Roman Reigns was brutally attacking Riddle. Roman Reigns hits multiple superman punches to Riddle, tries to pin Riddle but he kicks out. Riddle tries to hit RKO to Roman Reigns but he was not able hit RKO to Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns was tying to spear Riddle but Riddle converted it into an RKO.

But that was not enough to pin Roman Reigns. Riddle tries springboard from the rope but Roman Reigns converted it into an spear and retains the title.

Paul Heyman hands a microphone to Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns says he had said two years ago that he will wreck everyone and leave. Roman says fans to acknowledge him.

Brock Lesnar music hit and Brock Lesnar made this way to the ring. Brock Lesnar shook Roman Reigsn and then F5’s him.

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