June 9, 2024

Brock Lesnar returns and attacks Bobby Lashley | WWE RAW 1/23

Bobby Lashley started attacking from the word go, Austin Theory fights back by attacking Bobby Lashley by chair, Theory sets up table on the end of the ring . Austin Theory takes table into the ring. Bobby Lashley pushes him through the steel chair which Theory had set up.

Bobby Lashley then sets up table, Bobby Lashley hits a superplex from top of the rope. Bobby Lashley puts him through the table, Bobby was in verge of victory but Brock music hits and he enters the ring. Brock F5’s Bobby Lashley, Brock also F5’s Austin Theory, which made Austin Theory fall on Bobby Lashley. Referee started the pin as Theory was on top of Bobby. So Austin Theory wins the match by pin and retains US Title.

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