July 19, 2024

“I don’t pack it in and go home when things get tough” Seth shots at injured WWE Superstar

Cody Rhodes leaving AEW and returning back to WWE was one of the most talked about news in wrestling community. Cody Rhodes returning to WWE was not received well by Seth Rollins.

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins faced of multiple times each time Cody got better of Seth Rollins and won the match. But Seth Rollins made sure to hurt him as bad as he can. Cody facing Seth Rollins with Torn pec in HIAC was not good for Cody and Seth Rollins made Cody’s injury worse which made him undergo surgery and stay out of WWE for rest of the year.

Seth took twitter to express his WWE journey, Seth Rollins mentions that he did not had any surname to get his foot into WWE and brutally hits backs at injured superstar by stating he didn’t pack bag when things got tough.

“I didn’t have a last name to get my foot in the door. I don’t pack it in and go home when things get tough. I don’t take more than I give. I’m not a chosen one. I shoulder the f’n load every single time. Make everyone around me better. Overdeliver on the regular.”

Seth Rollins feels Cody is getting all the limelight. Seems like Cody and Seth feud is not yet over, It would be awesome to see how the feud goes after Cody Rhodes returns from the injury.

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