March 2, 2024

Bryan Danielson is grateful for CM Punk’ time in AEW

Bryan Danielson is one of the top star in AEW. He is also respected by all in AEW roster. There was report a that Bryan Danielson was the head of disciplinary committee that fired CM Punk.

Bryan Danielson recently was on Maggie and Perloff Show, where he talked about CM Punk departure from AEW, and clarifies his role in the disciplinary committee.

“Yeah, I’m part of the disciplinary committee and clearly what’s happened has happened. I’m somebody who…I liked CM Punk, I thought he brought a lot to AEW. There’s not a lot I can say about it or that I really want to say about it, but I am a part of it.”

“I mean, there were more than three people involved in this decision. But most of them were all lawyers. To say that I was the head…I don’t even have a college degree.”

“Absolutely, yeah. I have a lot of empathy…and I am grateful of the time he spent in AEW and he did a great job for us, so yeah, I wish him the best in his future and I hope he goes well.” (H/T:

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